The Heritage Foundation NL provides expertise and services to communities that wish to identify, protect, safeguard and develop their heritage places.

Assistance with establishing a Municipal Heritage Designation Program

Municipalities with their role in issuing building and demolition permits and in preparing municipal plans, are often in the best position to protect heritage places. Many communities across the province have adopted heritage regulations, established heritage advisory committees and designated local heritage sites. Every single municipality in Newfoundland and Labrador has the ability to designate important buildings, structures and lands as heritage sites under the Municipalities Act. The Act states:

  1. (2) (dd) A council may make regulations designating real property as a heritage building, structure or land.
  2. (1)A building, structure or land designated by council as a heritage building, structure or land shall not be demolished or built upon nor the exterior of the building or structure altered, except under a written permit of the council specifically authorizing the alteration and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the permit.
    (2) A council may establish a heritage advisory committee to advise the council on regulations made with respect to heritage buildings, structures and lands and the preservation of the real property designated under that section.

Many communities have also included provisions for Heritage Conservation Areas within their Municipal Plans and have instituted Heritage Design Regulations or Guidelines.

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