People, Places & Culture Workshop:

Exploring your Community’s Cultural Resources

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A community’s heritage assets, be they tangible things such as buildings or other structures, settlement patterns, cultural landscapes or intangible aspects such as traditions, cultural practices and knowledge, stories or local histories can be valuable tools for community development and the retention of community identity and pride. Cultural resources form an important pillar for the province’s tourism industry.  If communities lose these things they often lose the basis for their continued existence.  There are numerous examples in Newfoundland and Labrador and elsewhere that demonstrate how heritage resources can form the basis for community development.

“People, Places and Culture” is a workshop offered by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland & Labrador to communities to help them identify, protect and development local heritage and cultural resources.

How it Works

HFNL will send a team into a community comprised of individuals with experience and knowledge of both tangible and intangible heritage resources to take a community through the following process:

  • Asset Mapping – a workshop will be organized in which community participants are asked to identify heritage and other cultural assets and place them on a map.  This will be preceded by discussions with local heritage organizations and others on existing inventories and efforts in the community to identify heritage resources.  After assets had been identified participants will be asked to identify any clusters of heritage resources or themes.
  • Identification of Ways to Protect, Commemorate, Celebrate and Develop Heritage Resources – again, using a workshop format, community stakeholders will be asked what heritage and cultural resources are of particular value and how they might go about protecting, raising awareness and developing them. This will be accompanied by a discussion primer on the various tools available for heritage protection and case studies on the development of heritage assets.  From this an action plan will be developed that would identify key steps for the community along with who will take responsibility.  Action plans may include the need for municipal planning tools/measures to protect heritage assets; additional research on heritage assets; opportunities for celebration/awareness raising; the need for feasibility studies/business plans relating to the development of heritage assets; linkages to regional tourism strategies.

This activity will be helpful to HFNL and other agencies in identifying the range of tools (e.g., programs, services, funding) that could be employed by communities to engage in the protection, celebration and development of their heritage resources.

How to Get Involved

For more information on hosting a People, Places and Culture workshop in your community contact Dale at 709-739-1892, ext. 2 or

Participating communities are required to cover the costs of holding workshops (a venue and any food costs) and to provide accommodation for the HFNL team for 1-2 nights (billets or accommodation at a local hospitality establishment).