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Nathaniel Morris House Registered Heritage Structure

Nathaniel Morris House, Trinity, NL
Nathaniel Morris House, Trinity, NL
Nathaniel Morris House, Trinity, NL

Statement of Significance

Formal Recognition Type

Registered Heritage Structure

Description of Historic Place

The Nathaniel Morris House is a two-and-a-half storey, steep-gable wooden house located in Trinity, Trinity Bay. The designation is confined to the footprint of the building.

Heritage Value

Nathaniel Morris House was designated a Registered Heritage Structure by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1994 due to its aesthetic and historic value.

Nathaniel Morris House has aesthetic value because it is a good example of a style of dwelling built in the 19th century for upper middle class residents of rural Newfoundland. Though the overall structure of this house conformed to the traditional building styles of the region, the exterior embellishments clearly showed that the owner was of importance to the community. The two large windows of the front façade are quite decorative, each consisting a central 6/6 window surrounded by two 2/2 side windows. The main doorway features a number of classical elements, including pilasters and a partial pediment. Situated near two other historic buildings in Trinity, this grouping of houses provide a social record of housing of the region - a reflection of the residents social standing within the community.

Nathaniel Morris House has historic value due to its connection with Nathaniel Morris, the original owner of the house. Morris, or "Gentleman Nat" as he was referred to, was known throughout the community as he was a dry goods manager for the prominent Trinity merchant Mr. Bremner. His accumulated wealth allowed him to add features to the house that the average fisherman would not have bothered with.

Source: Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador property file “Trinity - Nathaniel Morris House – FPT 102”

Character Defining Elements

All elements that define the building's upper-class vernacular design including:
-steeply pitched gable roof;
-narrow wooden clapboard;
-double bay main facade;
-location and dimensions of 6/6 windows;
-exterior decoration including corner boards, window mouldings and elaborate door mouldings;
-linhay at rear of house;
-dimensions of house; and,
-all interior features which relate to the age, style and usage of house.

Location and History

Community Trinity, Trinity Bay
Municipality Town of Trinity
Construction 1877 - 1878
Style 19th Century Vernacular
Building Plan Rectangular Long Façade
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