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Landfall (Kent Cottage) Registered Heritage Structure

Landfall, Brigus, NL
Landfall, Brigus, NL
Landfall, Brigus, NL

Statement of Significance

Formal Recognition Type

Registered Heritage Structure

Description of Historic Place

Landfall (also known as Kent Cottage) is a steeply pitched gable roof house situated on the rocks of the Brigus Battery at the mouth of Brigus Harbour, Brigus, NL. The designation is confined to the footprint of the building.

Heritage Value

Landfall was designated a Registered Heritage Structure by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1988 due to its historic and aesthetic values.

Landfall has historic value because it is one of the oldest existing structures in Brigus. The house has received a few additions as it was owned and seasonally lived in by several people, most notably the artists Rockwell Kent (1882-1971) and Albert E. Harris (1900-1933).

American-born Rockwell Kent settled in Brigus in 1914 where he purchased Landfall and later named it Kent Cottage. While his love of adventure allowed him to travel and write extensively, he was artistically inspired by the landscape of Brigus and the cottage is featured in some of Kent’s paintings.

In 1915 English-born engineer and artist Albert Edward Harris purchased Landfall and in 1929, following his retirement, moved to Brigus to pursue his artistic interests. He is best known for his etchings and watercolours of scenes and landscapes of Conception Bay, Brigus and the cottage.

Landfall has further historic value because it was constructed in the Battery, named after a gun placement site during King George’s War from 1740-1748. It was also known as Freshwater as it was a main source of water for sealing fleets on their way to the ice floes.

Landfall has aesthetic value due to its location within the community. Perched above the Atlantic Ocean on a rocky coastline it sits nestled among trees, where the surrounding landscape remains untouched and retains its primitive beauty. It occupies a dominant, scenic place opposite two churches and the beach in a community known for its picturesque charm and unique heritage.

Landfall also has aesthetic value because it maintains the general shape and size of an early 19th century residence. Also, there remain examples of Kent's work on the interior in the form of small surface paintings on the walls and doors.

Source: Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador property file “Brigus - Landfall (Kent Cottage) – FPT 1442”

Character Defining Elements

All elements that define the aesthetic value of Landfall including:
-prominent location on coastline;
-wide-reaching open space;
-unimpeded view of Atlantic Ocean; and
-dimensions, orientation and location.

All those architectural elements that relate to the general size and shape of the early 19th century residence, including:
-roof shape;
-building shape;
-rear addition; and
-general massing.

All interior surface paintings created by Rockwell Kent.

Location and History

Community Brigus
Municipality Town of Brigus
Civic Address Brigus Battery
Construction (circa) 1786 - 1786
Style 18th Century Vernacular
Building Plan T - Shape
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