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Lloyd George House Registered Heritage Structure

Lloyd George House, Dildo, NL
Lloyd George House, Dildo, NL

Statement of Significance

Formal Recognition Type

Registered Heritage Structure

Description of Historic Place

The Lloyd George House a wooden two storey structure with a mansard roof located in Dildo, NL. The designation is confined to the footprint of the building.

Heritage Value

The Lloyd George House was designated a Registered Heritage Structure by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1995 due to its aesthetic and cultural value.

The Lloyd George House has aesthetic value because it is a beautiful example of a small scale Second Empire home with bonneted dormers and a concave mansard roof on the front and rear facades. This two storey house was constructed by the original owner in 1885 and few changes have been made since that time. The large 2/2 windows are featured on three sides, while the rear façade boasts a large linhay with two doorways. Used by the community as a post office the main entrance is gained through a five-sided bay porch. The addition of a veranda in 1930 enabled public access to the post office and it is sheltered by a portico supported by 2 large posts and the porch bay. The cornerboards lead to a column effect, having simple carved details in the capital and on the bay porch there are similar mouldings and pilasters. This house has strong lines and an elegant presence in its setting.

The Lloyd George House has further aesthetic value due to its environment setting. It sits high on a hill overlooking the bay and is one of the best known landmarks in the Dildo area, seen from the water and land. While the house is surrounded by large evergreens, the front lawn is a huge span of green space.

The Lloyd George House has cultural value because it was used as the local post office for almost 40 years and it is closely associated with the history of the town and its original settlers, the Georges.

Source: Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador property file “Dildo - Lloyd George House – FPT 1531”

Character Defining Elements

-Two storey house
-Narrow clapboard
-Mansard roof
-Bonneted dormers
-Portico and veranda
-Five-sided bay porch
-2/2 single hung windows
-large linhay (local terminology referring to an addition to the rear of a structure)
-wooden storm doors
-location overlooking the bay
-previous use as a community post office
-location, orientation, dimensions

Location and History

Community Dildo
Civic Address 078-080 Front Road
Significant 1885 - 1885
Albert George
Albert George
Style Second Empire
Building Plan Rectangular Long Façade
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