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Pearce Foley House Registered Heritage Structure

Pearce Foley House, Tilting, NL
Pearce Foley House, Tilting, NL
Pearce Foley House, Tilting, NL

Statement of Significance

Formal Recognition Type

Registered Heritage Structure

Description of Historic Place

The Pearce Foley House is a wooden two storey house with a steep gable roof. Constructed around 1875, it is located in Tilting, NL. The designation is confined to the footprint of the building.

Heritage Value

The Pearce Foley House has been designated a Registered Heritage Structure by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador because of its aesthetic and historical values.

The Pearce Foley House has aesthetic value due to its design and environmental setting. Stylistically, the house is a good regional example of a type of vernacular design once typical in the area, featuring a symmetrical three bay facade, steep gable roof placed over two storeys and a one storey porch or back kitchen on the rear facade. Adding to its aesthetic value is the placement of the house within the community. It is located centrally in the community of Tilting, on an island that is visible from all areas of the settlement. As such, it is an important component of the built landscape in a community noted for the continuance and prominence of traditional housing styles.

The Pearce Foley House has historic value due to its age. Constructed in 1875, it is among the oldest original structures in Tilting as well as in the greater Notre Dame Bay region. It has further historic value because of its association with a well known local historian and tradition bearer, Clarence Foley. A wharf manager with Earle Sons and Company for over forty years, Foley was known for his remarkable memory of local history and genealogy and as an excellent traditional singer.

Source: Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador property file “ Tilting - Pearce Foley House – FPT 1731”

Character Defining Elements

All elements that define the building's regional vernacular design including:
-number of storeys;
-steep gable roof;
-return on eaves;
-narrow clapboard;
-double corner boards;
-original window size, style, trim and placement;
-original size, style, trim and placement of exterior doors;
-entrance on central front facade;
-size, style and location of porch on rear facade;
-chimney style and placement; and,
-dimension, location and orientation of building.

Location and History

Community Tilting
Municipality Town of Fogo Island
Civic Address 149 Main Street
Construction (circa) 1875 - 1880
Pearce Foley
Style 19th Century Vernacular
Building Plan Rectangular Long Façade