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Henry Tremblett House Municipal Heritage Site

Henry Tremblett House, Bonavista, NL
Henry Tremblett House, Bonavista, NL
Henry Tremblett House, Bonavista, NL

Statement of Significance

Formal Recognition Type

Municipal Heritage Building, Structure or Land

Description of Historic Place

Henry Tremblett House is a two-and-a-half storey, timber framed structure with a steeply pitched gable roof and bay windows. It is located at 005-007 Rolling Cove Road, Bonavista, NL. The municipal heritage designation is confined to the footprint of the building.

Heritage Value

Henry Tremblet House has been designated a municipal heritage site by the Town of Bonavista because of its aesthetic and historic value.

Henry Tremblett House has aesthetic value due to its style and association with the Strathie family of Bonavista. The architectural legacy of the Strathie family is an integral part of the community‚Äôs heritage, and Henry Tremblett House is valuable as an excellent example of Strathie architecture. Designed and built by Joseph Strathie, Henry Tremblett house is similar in design to other houses built by the Strathie family. The symmetrical, Georgian style, three bay façade with a steep pitched gable roof and end chimneys is reminiscent of houses such as William Alexander House, which is said to have set the architectural tone for Bonavista in the early 19th century. Henry Tremblett House also features its own unique elements such as highly decorative bargeboard on the gable ends and heavy rain caps over most of the windows. Finally, despite its age and the harsh climate of Newfoundland, Henry Tremblett House stands as a well-preserved testament to the quality of craftsmanship of the Strathie family.

Henry Tremblett House has historic value as it was built in 1903 for prominent Bonavista merchant Henry Tremblett. It was rare for a fisherman to have a house of this size and grandeur during this period. Furthermore, it was uncommon for a fisherman to be able to afford a member of the Strathie dynasty to design his house. Tremblett was highly successful and is noted as having a large account with James Ryan Limited in Bonavista. Henry Tremblett House evokes a sense of a time and place when the Newfoundland fishery was in its hey-day, and stands as a physical reminder of the affluence enjoyed by Henry Tremblett. Moreover, the building stands as a physical demarcation of the different levels of success between men of the same occupation.

Source: Town of Bonavista Town Council meeting minutes of 2006/08/14

Character Defining Elements

Exterior elements of Georgian style and the decorative features of the house:

-wood frame;
-height and dimensions of the building;
-symmetrical three bay façade;
-first floor bay windows;
-steep gable roof with end chimneys;
-bargeboard on the gable ends;
-window styles and placements, including those with decorative rain caps;
-and narrow clapboard.

Location and History

Community Bonavista
Municipality Town of Bonavista
Civic Address Cape Shore Road
Construction (circa) 1903 - 1903
Joseph Strathie
Style 19th Century Vernacular
Building Plan Rectangular Long Façade
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