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Archibald Bennett House Registered Heritage Structure

Archibald Bennett House, Brooklyn, NL
Archibald Bennett House, Brooklyn, NL
Archibald Bennett House, Brooklyn, NL

Statement of Significance

Formal Recognition Type

Registered Heritage Structure

Description of Historic Place

Archibald Bennett House is a two-and-a-half storey house with a rounded gambrel roof. It is located along the main road in Brooklyn, NL. The designation is confined to the footprint of the building.

Heritage Value

Archibald Bennett House was designated a Registered Heritage Structure by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2000 because of its aesthetic value.

Archibald Bennett House has aesthetic value for its unique building style and decoration. The most notable feature of this house is the gambrel roof with a rounded truncation. This style of roof is rare in both the region and all over Newfoundland. The builder, Archibald Bennett, moved soon after he built this house, perhaps resulting in little repetition of this particular style.

Archibald Bennett House has a number of interesting decorative features that set it apart from the other houses in the region. The gable ends of the house have been decorated with diamond-shaped shingles and the eaves of the roof have decorative bargeboards. On the front facade there is a two-storey bay which gives the building an appearance of grandeur, yet the simplicity of the details surrounding the windows and doors reflect the fact that this is an outport building.

Source: Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador property file “Brooklyn - Archibald Bennett House – FPT 390”

Character Defining Elements

All original features which relate to the age and unique vernacular design of the property, including:
- rounded gambrel roof;
- decorative bargeboard;
- wooden shingles;
- two-storey bay window;
- narrow wooden clapboard;
- original windows, window placement and trim;
- original wooden doors and door placement;
- wooden corner boards, and;
- raincaps over doors and windows.

Location and History

Community Brooklyn
Significant 1890 - 1890
Archibald Bennett
Style Victorian Eclectic
Building Plan Rectangular Short Façade