*** Please be aware that Heritage NL has allocated its entire grant fund for 2020-21. Applications for Restoration Grants will next be accepted for the February 15th, 2021, application deadline. Maintenance Grant applications will be accepted after April 1st, 2021 .***

Assessment Grants

These are provided to undertake detailed assessments of designated or recognized heritage structures prior to the approval of restoration grants.  A Building Assessment will permit for a good understanding of a building’s conditions and requirements and the preparation of a complete scope of work for restoration on which contractors can bid.  In instances where restoration or repairs are relatively minor and a building is demonstrated to be in good structural condition a Building Assessment may not be required.

The maximum grant provided is $2,000 with HFNL covering 75% of Building Assessment costs.  In the case of large and/or more complex structures, additional funding may be provided.  Applications can be made at any time of year although a building assessment must be completed by prior to appliation for a Restoration Grant in any given year.

Example:  HFNL Grant: $2,000; Owner’s Contribution: $666; Total Project Cost: $2,666

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Restoration Grants – DEADLINE FEBRUARY 15, 2020

These are provided to aid in the preservation and/or restoration of designated or recognized Heritage Structures.  Building elements eligible for grant funding are those that are mentioned in the Statement of Significance that include all exterior building components, building structure and, in some cases, significant interior elements.  Grants can cover the cost of labour and materials for repair and restoration, along with the cost of detailed building studies, plans or assessments.  Normally, owners of designated heritage structures must first apply for funding to complete a Historic Building Assessment before applying for a Restoration Grant (see above).  A requirement for funding is that the building owner signs an easement agreement with HFNL.  HFNL will only pay costs incurred subsequent to a letter of grant offer being provided.

The maximum amount of funding that may be allocated is tied to the level of designation:

1)  Registered Heritage Landmark – eligible for up to 3 installments of $50,000
2)  Registered Heritage Structures – eligible for up to $30,000
3)  Recognized Heritage Structure or Feature – eligible for up to $10,000

HFNL will reimburse up to 50% of costs related to heritage windows and doors and up to 30% of other eligible project costs.

Example: A property owner spends $10,000 restoring windows and doors and $12,000 repairing clapboard, trim, and a wood shingle roof. The owner is eligible for 50% of $10,000 and 30% of $12,000 for a total of $8,600.

Applications must be received by February 15 with letters of offer generally being provided by April 30 in order to allow building owners to take advantage of the full construction season.  Grant payment will be provided at the end of the project upon the submission of receipts, however, progress payments can be considered if arrangements are made at the beginning of the project.

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Maintenance Grants

Registered and recognized Heritage Structures that have previously received a Restoration Grant are eligible for Maintenance Grants to help keep their property in good repair. A property owner may apply annually for maintenance grants, the total of which may not exceed the amounts listed below over a five year period.

Elements eligible for a Maintenance Grant include painting, minor repairs to clapboard, trim, windows and/or doors and minor work to chimneys and roofs.

For Registered Heritage Landmarks and Registered Heritage Structures the maximum amount that may be provided is $5,000.  Recognized Heritage Structures and Features are eligible for up to $2,000.  HFNL will reimburse up to 50% of eligible project costs.

Example:  A property owner spends $3,000 repainting one wall and performing minor trim repair in year one. The owner is eligible for 50% of $3,000 or $1,500. They may apply for an additional $3,500 in the next four years.

Applications for Heritage Structure Maintenance Grants may be submitted at any time of year.

HFNL will only pay costs incurred subsequent to a letter of grant offer being provided.

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For information on grants contact Michael at 739-1892 ext 0 or michael@heritagenl.ca